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Joseph under tree Tours & Safaris welcomes you to Kenya, the country we share with you. Kenya is referred by anthropologist as the candle of mankind.  A land of contrasts, vast plain, natural beauty, such as soaring clad mountain, tropical sand beaches, friendly people, beauty wildlife parts colourful culture, unique handcrafts adventure destination and diverse landscape the list is endless which attracts many safari seeker from different parts of the world. Whether your first visitor or returning traveler drown to this great land, place yourself in the professional and caring hands of the first African Dream Tours and Safaris People. Safaris began in Kenya and Tanzania and those are the best destination for safaris,  Kenya offers amazing diversing and super pup wildlife viewing.The great migration of wildebeest and Zebras which crosses Kenya from Serengeti, Kenya bird watching safaris, famous flamingoes, around the salt-lakes, large population of elephants around mountain areas are a great site for Kenya safaris.  Actually seeing the country, taking a Kenya safaris is the best way to get a good overview of what this big diverse country has to offer.

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